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2018 Giving Campaign

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Your financial support is so critical to the advancement of God's Kingdom in Utah as lost people are reached, new disciples are made, new churches become healthy churches, and healthy churches multiply churches. By the grace of God, we're seeing this vision become a reality with your partnership!

Brett is currently on staff full-time at Redeeming Life Church as a church planting missionary and the Pastor of Mobilization where he oversees all discipleship, evangelism, and missions efforts both locally and globally.

Nicole serves on multiple teams at Redeeming Life and is also a full time pastry chef at a local bakery where she intentionally seeks to declare and demonstrate the gospel. She's actively sharing her faith, praying for her co-workers, and sharing the gospel as opportunities arise. Nicole also meets one on one with multiple women and is actively discipling them in the ways of Jesus. She also blogs!

By financially supporting our missionary work of engaging Salt Lake City with the gospel, making disciples, and establishing a healthy and self-sustaining church, you can make an eternal difference in seeing the Kingdom of God advance in a dark place like Salt Lake City where less than 3% of the state is Christian.

In order to work with Redeeming Life Church full time, we depend 100% on the faithful financial partnerships with individuals and churches across the country. Brett's desire is to remain a self-supported church planting missionary, getting new ministries off the ground, without hindering any church or ministry by needing them to pay his salary. This is a very advantageous approach for an unreached place like Utah where financial and people resources are very limited for the work needing to be done here.

2017 Highlights & 2018 Vision

Please take a few minutes to watch this video to see what God is up to in Salt Lake City and to hear about the vision god has laid on our hearts for 2018 in terms of having a broader Kingdom impact!

Thank you to all who partner with us on a regular basis through finances, prayer, mission teams, and encouragement. God is building His Kingdom here! Here are some highlights from 2017 in our missionary work with Redeeming Life Church in Salt Lake City, UT as well as our vision for 2018.

Partnership Survey

If you have partnered with us in 2017, would you take a minute to fill out our Partnership Survey? This helps us know how we can better communicate, serve, and pray for you in 2018. Thank you!

Financial Partnership

Our Current Budget:
75% funded ($3,000/month)

Our Current Financial Need:
25% ($1,000/month)

Our Fundraising Timeline:
Raise an additional $1,000 per month
by September 1, 2018

3 Ways to Financially Partner with Us in 2018

1. Give a Special Donation
These special gifts help us get by month to month and they also contribute to about 25% of our total funds! Thank you!

2. Begin a Recurring Donation
If you'd like to begin a recurring donation partnership with us, thank you!

Whether it's a special one time gift or setting up a new recurring donation, here is the process: 

  1. CHECKS: Make checks out to Redeeming Life Church and put "Missionary Support Fund" in the memo line (for tax purposes, please don't put our names anywhere on the check) and send check to:                     
         Redeeming Life Church
         901 Nocturne Drive
         Salt Lake City, UT 84116

    1. You'll need to create a simple account using our online giving platform which is called "the City"
    2. Once you've put in your name and email address, you'll receive an invite to "the City"
    3. Once you're officially added to "the City", click on "Giving" on the left hand side of your screen
    4. In the dropdown menu, select "Missionary Support Fund", then type in the amount you'd like to donate and how often you'd like that donation to occur. 
    5. Complete the payment method and submit your recurring donation.
    6. You're all set! Thank you!

3. Increase Your Monthly Donation
If you'd like to increase your monthly donation, you'll need to:
1. Log into your "City" account
2. *Go to "Donation Status" then "edit" button. Click "Delete" to cancel that recurring donation.
3. Go to "Give Online". Set up a new recurring donation by selecting "Missionary Support Fund", add your increased amount, fill out payment method, and submit. 

(*Step by step instructions below)


Have questions about partnering with us or setting up your online giving? Please get in touch with us!

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*Per IRS regulations, we hereby acknowledge that no good or services other than spiritual edification were provided in exchange for the financial contribution(s). All contributions to the Ricley's in Utah and Redeeming Life Church are made with the understanding that Redeeming Life Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.