Goby Creative was founded early in 2018 by a few pastors and church planters here in Utah and functions as a full service design company that exists primarily to employ Christian missionaries and give the majority of their profits to church planters across the country!

What does Goby Creative do?

Goby does a lot of stuff. We build websites from scratch. We do graphic design, logo design, social media consulting, and branding. We also can help with print materials and apparel.

I (Brett) know all of the founders and employees personally and am honored to have been asked to participate in helping them not only design websites but to also expand and champion the vision of Goby as well. The vision of Goby Creative is to employ Christian missionaries so they can make enough money to actually devote most of their time to their ministry calling without having to sacrifice their family on the "altar of ministry". This is an awesome vision for a company in order to help recruit new missionaries to new and existing mission fields, in Utah and around the world! 

Here are a few reasons that partnering with Goby Creative is an incredible opportunity to join in what God is doing in Utah and beyond: 

1. Utah is currently 2% Evangelical Christian. The Wasatch Front is home to over 2.5 million people and only 50,000 of those people are Christians! There is an overwhelming need for more Christians to live and work here in Salt Lake City. We must find new and creative ways to encourage Christians, specifically missionaries, to move into this context and live the Christian life and do ministry here. 

2. One of the biggest hurdles in recruiting missionaries to do full-time ministry anywhere in the world is always money. If we can get Goby Creative off the ground, work out the kinks, and scale the business successfully, Goby (and business models like it) could be a game-changer in the way we do missions work around the world. Everyone knows the tech industry is one of the largest job fields in the world and is always growing, changing, and adapting. Why not use that field to hire Christians with those skills so they can make a livable wage while doing ministry wherever God has called them!? 

I hope you're starting to catch the vision for what Goby Creative could be and how it could help bring more missionaries to Utah and other contexts that are desperately trying to reach the world for Christ. Please be praying for Goby Creative and it's success in hiring and supporting tons of missionaries around the world someday! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

For the Kingdom,