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Morgan Grace Fellowship

After watching the video, if you'd like to support Jeff & Shayla Hurlbut, I would encourage one or more of these things:

- a personal check made out to Jeff & Shayla to use however they need. I know that right now they're down to one car and the other has cost them over $8,000 recently in repairs

- a Visa gift card sent directly to them (there is no Walmart, Target, etc. in their town)

- a personal hand-written note/card encouraging them that you're praying for them, their family, and their ministry at Morgan Grace Fellowship

- a personal check made out to Morgan Grace Fellowship to help them do the work of ministry


Please don't share their personal information below but if you'd like to mail something to them here is the address:

Jeff & Shayla Hurlbut
708 W. Hardscrabble Rd.
Morgan, UT 84050



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