Nicole and Brett met in 2005 while attending Nebraska Christian College in Omaha, NE and were soon married on June 7, 2008. Brett finished his undergraduate studies in Biblical Studies and Student Ministry and Nicole finished her studies in Family Life & Counseling. During that same time, both were serving full time at Kingsway Christian Church in Omaha, NE from 2008 to 2011. During that time they had their son, Jonathan, in December of 2010. In 2011, they joined the staff of Impact Campus Ministriesand relocated in Salt Lake City, UT to do campus ministry full time at the University of Utah and other area college campuses.

The most recent chapter of their missionary work in Utah finds them working alongside Redeeming Life Church - a new church that they have successfully helped plant, which began in September of 2014. The Ricley's are self-supported missionaries, raising funds from families and churches around the country in order to help make disciples and help this new church get established and grow without drawing from their limited resources as a new church.

Brett currently serves as one of two full time pastors at Redeeming Life as the Pastor of Mobilization where he oversees all discipleship, evangelism, and missions efforts both locally and globally.

Brett also meets weekly with multiple men for discipleship, ministry equipping, and training. Brett does a regular podcast and preaches regularly as well. You can find his sermons here.


Nicole serves on multiple teams at Redeeming Life and is also a full time pastry chef at a local bakery where she intentionally seeks to declare and demonstrate the gospel. She's actively sharing her faith, praying for her co-workers, and sharing the gospel as opportunities arise. Nicole also meets one on one with multiple women and is actively discipling them in the ways of Jesus. She also blogs!


Utah is an unreached people group right here in the United States.

Statistics show that only 3.3% of the state of Utah is Christian.

OUR VISION: establish a new Christian church in Salt Lake City in order to see Salt Lake City redeemed by the power of the Gospel.

OUR MISSION: make, mature, and mobilize disciples in our city and throughout the world.

OUR STRATEGY: love God, love people, make disciples, multiply churches.

OUR HOPE: We believe we can see this vision become a reality. We also believe that seeing the vision realized will happen through the local Church. Therefore, we are "all in" with Redeeming Life Church in order to see Salt Lake City redeemed by the power of the Gospel. 

Will you partner with us in seeing Salt Lake City redeemed by the power of the Gospel?


We believe that the gospel is the power of God to save and transform all who would call on the name of Jesus. Therefore, we preach the Word and use the Bible as the standard foundation for all our ministry efforts. We also call people live "sold out" lives for Jesus.

We believe nothing of eternal significance happens without prayer. Therefore, we pray over our people, our neighborhood, and our city on a weekly basis.


Since 2015, we've hung 56,000+ gospel door hangers in every neighborhood in our community that has a gospel message and says "Praying for you today".

We believe we are the Church and therefore we take Jesus' words seriously to be "salt & light" in our community by serving it, blessing it, and being a positive presence there. This has often included street evangelism and prayer walking places of spiritual stronghold in our city.

We believe in making disciples and training and equipping every disciple to join Jesus in His mission wherever they live, work, play, and do business. We holistically train the Church to be the Church in word and deed.


While Brett is on staff with Redeeming Life Church, the views, comments, or ideas expressed through the blog portion of this website do not represent or speak for Redeeming Life Church in any way.