Brett Ricley is an ordinary guy with a passion to see ordinary disciples of Jesus live out the extraordinary mission of God here on earth.

Brett considers himself a practitioner and is passionate about training, equipping, and deploying disciples of Jesus to develop contextualized and effective methods to:

  • engage lostness in their city

  • share the gospel

  • make disciples who make disciples

  • plant churches that plant churches

  • multiply leaders who multiply leaders


Brett earned his Bachelor's degree in Biblical studies and Student Ministry at Nebraska Christian College in 2010 and is currently enrolled at Gateway Seminary in the Master of Theological Studies program.

Since 2007, Brett has served in a variety of ministry positions to include: children's pastor, worship & outreach pastor, campus ministry pastor, ministry consultant, a church planter and missionary, evangelism trainer, and currently, the Associate Pastor of Discipleship at The Mission Church where he oversees all of the discipleship ministries, life groups, and “on mission” initiatives.

From 2015 to 2019, Brett teamed up with Bryan Catherman to successfully plant Redeeming Life Church on the west side of Salt Lake City; an area with the highest crime, poverty, and prostitution rates in the city. Brett spent a great deal of time honing his skills in preaching, teaching, making disciples and developing and practicing contextualized reproducible discipleship and evangelism methods in Salt Lake City, UT. Utah is one of the most unreached contexts in North America due to the percentage of Evangelical Christians which is less than 3%. It was in this difficult and unreached context that Brett learned a vast amount about various philosophies, methods, and approaches for evangelism, discipleship, and missiology. In addition, Brett had numerous opportunities to partner and host mission teams at Redeeming Life Church of all sizes from campus ministries, churches, and denominational networks from places like Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia, Wisconsin, California, Kentucky, New Mexico, Utah, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In order to insure these incoming mission teams can be effective while doing mission work in Utah, Brett has helped develop many training sessions on missions and evangelism strategies to equip each team before they begin working with Redeeming Life Church in a unique context like Utah. This process of training and equipping the mission teams while they're "on the ground" has proved to be invaluable to the incoming teams as well as the overall mission of Redeeming Life Church. These teams are impacted by these training sessions so much so that when they return to their context they often adapt the methods they learned to better engage lostness in the places where they live, work, and play.

Brett has been interviewed multiple times on radio shows like "Faith Works: Live" on The Truth Network and Live from the Path to talk about his missiological efforts in Utah as well as specific evangelism and church planting experiences in Salt Lake City.


Brett's primary ministry role is serving full time at The Mission Church. In addition, Brett is also passionate about using his time, talent, and treasure to advance God's Kingdom agenda as much as possible with others. Therefore, Brett is actively using his gifts and passions for Kingdom initiatives like:

Brett primary contributor to which is an online collective resource and training hub dedicated to helping equip all believers in any context for the work of ministry. Brett writes, speaks, teaches, makes videos, and is a thought-leader for the Salty Believer team. Brett is also a co-host and a Conversation Facilitator on the Salty Believer Unscripted podcast which functions as a hub for conversation, encouragement, and ideas about living as a follower of Jesus in any given context. 

Brett partners with Goby Creative by doing web design on the side. Goby is unique because they employ mission-minded individuals to empower them to make a livable wage while being engaged in various ministry efforts. In addition, they give a portion of their profits to ministry efforts, church planters, and church planting all across the country. So, if Christians are going to pay for a website anyways, why not buy one and support missionaries and church planting at the same time?

In addition, businesses like Goby Creative are solving unique challenges when it comes to sending missional people unreached contexts while still being able to provide for their families. Bi-vocational and co-vocational Christians may benefit from learning more about this business model as well.



One of Brett’s greatest passions is training and equipping the saints to know the "how" behind doing evangelism, making disciples, and mission work in any context using the timeless principles of God's Word.

Since 2015, Brett has been asked to teach on Mormonism as well as host training and workshop events specifically designed for evangelism methods/strategies, and discipleship methods. Brett does these for adults but also for students.

  • Previous Workshops & Training

    • Evangelism Workshop at Ignite Youth Leadership Conference in Des Moines, IA

    • Evangelism Workshop at Creekside Church in Urbandale, IA

    • Evangelism Conference at Hebron Baptist Church in Hebron, KY with Richard Borgonon and Word One to One

Brett also enjoys preaching, teaching, and speaking at churches and has been used for pulpit supply over the years in various places.

Potential Training & Workshops:

  • The “411”
    4 Things. 1 Page. 1 Hour. This training workshop is for every Christian and can and should be done with new believers as well. This training will equip participants to understand their identity in Christ and how that includes sharing their story and God's story with those who are far from God. It includes “New Identity,” “15 Second Story,” “3 Circles,” “Relational Network,” and “COST Goals.” This session will incorporate a lot of hands on practice, role playing, and teaching it to one another so the participants become trainers who can train others as well.

  • Personal Evangelism Strategy / Reaching Your Relational Network
    A training workshop that includes the biblical basis for evangelism, best practices, and effective methods and tools for sharing the gospel in a variety of platforms and contexts. In addition, participants will be trained to better exegete people and culture while examining his or her own relational network, developing an cultural assessment for that group, and develop a simple, written plan with benchmarks to engage his or her networks for the sake of the gospel.

  • 4 Fields / Bases / Red, Yellow, Green Lights
    A look at Mark 4:26-29 (Four Fields) with a view of our role and God’s role in His redemptive plan to bring people to salvation. Participants will learn a simple framework to see how to engage lostness, demonstrate/declare the gospel, make disciples, be the Church, and multiply leaders. In addition, we encourage the team with two simple illustrations that tend to become the context of how we view, discuss, and engage the work we’re doing. (Possible over Skype)

  • Street Evangelism Methods
    A course to explore the various methods for gospel engagement on the streets, in the parks, and knocking doors in your city. Role play and practice will be involved. “15 Second Story” and “4 Fields / Bases / Red, Yellow, Green” are pre-requisites although they can be incorporated into this course if an additional hour is included.

  • Mission of God
    A simple survey through the entire Bible with a lens for God’s heard for the lost world and who He uses in that accomplishing His mission. (Possible over Skype)

  • Reaching the World / #NoPlaceLeft
    A survey of the book of Acts with a lens for the methods and results of radical, faithful, boldness of the early church. Participants will better understand the missiology of the early church and how their strategy radically turned the world upside down. (Possible over Skype)

  • Simple Bible Study Methods (One on one, groups, personal)
    A course to practice using simple methods for easy but effective Bible studies, any place, any time, and that anybody can lead. This method works well for Bible studies in public as well. (Possible over Skype)

  • Simple Discipleship
    A course to practice using a simple, highly reproducible 4-question method for easy discipleship sessions, any place, any time, and that even the newest disciple-maker can do. This method will include "COST" goals and works well for new and old disciples alike. (Possible over Skype)

  • Mormonism 101
    The basics of LDS belief and practice. This may cover a little history, but the primary focus is the day in the life and worldview of the Utah Mormon. This course will help participants learn 1) the core beliefs of the LDS Church, 2) the barriers and realities to witnessing to Mormons, and 3) effective methods to lovingly engage Mormons. This session will also include recommended resources for Mormonism research. (Possible over Skype)

  • What is Church Planting?
    An exploration and introduction to church planting. What does the Bible say? Why is it important? What is the good, the bad, and the ugly? This includes a large time for question and answers. (Possible over Skype)

  • Social Media Strategy
    This training will cover how to use social media to get into homes and relational networks you couldn’t otherwise breech. Learn effective methods of leveraging social media for missional engagement and compelling story telling in your context. (Possible over Skype)

  • Support Raising
    Since 2011, Brett and his family have been full time support-based missionaries. This means they raise funds from churches and ministry partners across the country in order to be funded and capable of assisting church planting efforts in Utah. Brett has trained multiple lay leaders, interns, and pastors in the art of raising funds for Kingdom work. This training will include the Biblical basis for support raising, best practices for gaining and keeping ministry partners, effective methods and tools, and recommended resources.



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