Imagine Freedom...

We believe God wants to see Salt Lake City redeemed by the power of the Gospel.

We believe that God wants to see disciples made, matured, and mobilized throughout our city and around the world.

We believe that one of the many steps in moving toward that vision is to find a building that would allow us to be a more permanent fixture in our community on the west side of Salt Lake City.

We've been praying a lot and seeking God's will and timing and we feel that God is leading us to pursue a building, possibly the one you'll see in the video above. We need wisdom. We need resources to make the monthly rent and cleaning and renovations a reality. 

I've personally spent a lot of time praying at the location of this one particular building. As I'm there I've seen some very dark and heartbreaking things. 

I've seen women soliciting sex right on the front steps of this building. I've had women ask me if I was selling any drugs. I've seen brawls in the middle of the street and police arresting people. I've seen many homeless individuals seeking food, prostitutes, alcohol, drugs, and shelter from the harsh streets. This is a place of intense brokenness that desperately needs the light of the Gospel. Imagine what God could do with a little church planted firmly in one of the most broken areas of Salt Lake City? Imagine if this building became the Mission Hub of Redeeming Life Church? Imagine what redemption would look like there?

I imagine freedom!

Freedom from addiction. Freedom from demonic oppression. Freedom from sex slavery. Freedom from homelessness and isolation. Freedom from depression. Freedom in Jesus Christ!

Please pray for us. If you'd like to help financially, you can make a donation on The City, our online communication system by following this link:  (Please select the "Properties and Equipment" fund in the dropdown options.)  Or you may send a check to Redeeming Life Church.  901 Nocturne Drive.  Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.

Thank you for joining us in God's mission to redeem Salt Lake City by the power of the Gospel!

For His Kingdom,