Seminary Has Begun!

This week I have officially began seminary classes.

This semester I only have two classes and am going to take seminary slowly in order to really soak up the information and make the most of my time and experiences there. In addition to learning a lot, one of my main goals is to identify and understand the connection between the knowledge of seminary and how it applies to the practicality of life in ministry.

Class #1 is Foundations for Ministry, which is a class that will help me clarify my calling for ministry and assess personal and ministry strengths and weaknesses.

Class #2 is Church History I, which is a class that will help me understand the broad scope of church history and how that history is still relevant to today.

I'm excited to see how God uses these classes to mold and shape me. One of my mentors told me that "any theology that doesn't help you love Jesus more misses the point". I believe that whole heartedly and and seeking God's guidance through this experience to leave seminary a more finely tuned instrument in His hands.

SeminaryBrett Ricley