Missional Engagement: The 4 Fields

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Someone smarter than me once said: "The greatest enemy of the best things are good things". 

Translation: There are a million things we could spend our life doing, but what should we be spending our time doing?

As a Christian, this is a critical question that we must have a biblical answer to. In this short video, I'd like to encourage you to see that, as Ambassadors of Christ (2 Cor. 5:17-20), we must be engaged in the mission of God while here on this earth. We must be engaged as salt and light like Jesus talked about in his famous sermon on the mount (Matthew 5:13-16). If you agree, the next logical question is: how exactly do we engage in the mission of God?

The 4 Fields is a very simple framework to help us put our life in perspective as we engage in the mission of God We were trained in using this tool from the #NoPlaceLeft movement. In terms of missional engagement, our life could simply be boiled down to five things:

1. Engage lostness
2. Share the Gospel
3. Make Disciples
4. Be the Church
5. Multiply Disciples & Churches

I hope that this video will be encouraging and inspiring to you as you seek to incorporate these five things in your Christian walk.

Every believer is called to be salt and light where they live, work, play, and do business. In this video, Brett Ricley shares a simple framework for engaging lostness, sharing the gospel, making disciples, being the Church, and multiplying disciples and churches.