4 Tips for a More Faithful & Robust Prayer Life

Over the course of my short life, I've learned a lot about prayer. From various denominational backgrounds to prayer meetings of all sizes, lengths, and styles. Regardless what approach you take towards prayer, I do believe there are timeless principles that move us in the direction to cultivating a deeper and more intimate prayer life with God.

So, here are four tips that I pray you will practice implementing in your life this week. As you do, I'm confident that your intimacy with God will increase and your faith will be strengthened.

For each tip below, I'll give you a quick "snapshot" for the content behind each tip. In addition, I've written a full blog post that has some Scripture reading, prayer prompts, and personal applications for you to add to your weekly routine. I hope these are helpful to you as you seek to abide in Him each day (John 15:1-5).

1. Make Time to Pray
The common excuse is "I don't have time to pray". False. You will always make time for what you believe is the most important. Since prayer was central to the life of Jesus Himself, every disciple of Jesus must make prayer a high priority as well....


2. Turn Your Problems Into Prayer
Life is hard. Everyone know that...but do you know how to handle life's toughest challenges? Once again, Jesus is our model here and He was constantly going to the Father for guidance on His every move while on earth. We too should look to God, the Author and Finisher of our story, in every trial we face. Our problems are simply an opportunity to depend on God and watch Him come through....read more


3. Pray Bold Prayers
If you read any accurate church history literature you'll quickly find that almost all of the greatest Christian leaders from the apostle Paul to Charles H. Spurgeon to A.W. Tozer to Jim Elliot all had a common theme: bold prayer. If we believe in and follow the all powerful Creator and Sustainer of the universe, how could we NOT pray boldly?...read more


4. Adopt Best Practices
Since there's nothing new under the sun, there's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to prayer. Many faithful saints have come before us and modeled many effective methods for deepening our understanding of prayer and widening our gaze in terms of applying prayer in our day-to-day lives. The real question is this: what are you going to do this week to move in the direction of a more faithful and robust prayer life?...read more


Additional Prayer Resources (praying for your neighborhood, books on prayer, etc.)


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