Personal Evangelism Tools For Everyone: Part 1

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The majority of Christians would agree that the gospel of Jesus is the most important message that could ever be heard, understood, and believed. However, if you ask those same Christians how often they share that message you'll find that there's often a "deer in the headlights" moment. For many reasons, sharing the gospel may be one of the most difficult and terrifying disciplines in the Christian life.

For me, I used to be terrified of rejection from people. I also thought I needed to know all the right answers. To make matters worse, there was even a time in my life when I was ashamed of the gospel because of the assumed ramifications of sharing it with others. By the grace of God, I was fortunate to be put in a mission field here in Utah where literally 9 out of 10 people I meet don't know or believe the Biblical gospel. Through a lot of practice and learning, I know feel very confident to share my faith with others on a daily basis or at a moment's notice. But believe me, it wasn't always this way. 

Ironically, the command to go out into the world and share the gospel was one of the first things out of Jesus' mouth after His resurrection (Matthew 28:18-20). So, if sharing the gospel was commanded by Jesus (Mark 16:15), why are so many Christians not doing it? Most Christians probably could tell you "why" they should share the gospel but, unfortunately, most couldn't tell you "how" to go about sharing the gospel. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting multiple blog posts about helpful books, tools, and resources that will help you understand the "why" AND the "how" and be able to go from where you are today to taking practical steps toward sharing the gospel with those who God has sovereignly placed in your sphere of influence.

The first resource I'd like to recommend to help you begin moving in the right direction is "Concentric Circles of Concern: Seven Stages for Making Disciples" by Oscar Thompson. In this very practical book, Thompson offers a very helpful diagram that helps you begin to answer the question: Who should I share the gospel with? Where do I start?

Check out the following two videos to see how simple it is to start identifying who you should at least be praying about sharing the gospel with. 




This first video answers the question: "who should I be sharing my faith with?"

Now that you can begin identifying who you should be sharing your faith with, this second video answers the next logical question: "how do I go about sharing my faith and engaging with these people?"