Gospel Sharing Method: 3 Circles


Two of the most important things we could devote our life to is:

1. Getting the gospel right (learning, obeying, and understanding orthodox doctrine)


2. Getting the gospel out (sharing the good news with others)

There are many tools out there to help you get the gospel out. I'd like to suggest at least one tool: 3 Circles Life Conversation Guide

3 Circles is a very simple, very reproducible gospel sharing tool that anyone can easily learn and easily train others to use as well. You can also download a free app (iOS / Android) on your phone using this presentation to share the gospel. There's also a book that goes with this called "Life on Mission" by Dustin Willis that I'd highly recommend as well.

I've personally been using this and sharing this with other for the past few years and it's been very effective and helpful. 



In the first video, I walk through the gospel presentation in it's most basic form. There are many ways to adapt this as well. Some people start with the "God's Design" circle. Some, like me, start with the "Brokenness" circle. Some people use more visual art rather than all the words. It's your choice how you'd like to adapt and get comfortable using this tool.

At the end of the presentation, I'd like to encourage you ask the person you're sharing with four questions:
1. Does this make sense?
2. Where are you at in this diagram?
3. Where do you want to be?
4. What's stopping you from turning and trusting in Jesus today?

In the second video, I share Bible passages that I encourage you to memorize in order to be able to incorporate those passages into your gospel presentation. Sometimes I write these passages on a napkin or notecard to give to the person I'm sharing with. Other times, I'll simply verbally share the verses aloud. Once again, make this your own and adapt it however you need in order to communicate it most clearly.


3 Circles: Part 1

Brett Ricley demonstrates how to use the 3 Circles to share the gospel with someone. This method is simple and highly reproducible for those seeking to train others in sharing the gospel. Part one covers the presentation itself and part two covers additional Bible references to go along with this gospel presentation.

3 Circles: Part 2