Afraid To Tell Others About Jesus?

By my own confession, personal evangelism hasn't always been something easy for me, or something that even came naturally. It was a conviction that grew and developed over time. Despite growing up going to church and even attending a Christian college, I discovered that I was actually ashamed of the gospel. 

I was ashamed of the gospel because, by it's very nature, the gospel is offensive. I didn't like offending people and I didn't like people looking at me weird. So, like most Christians, I never talked about Jesus with lost people. 

Recently I had the opportunity to be on the "Live from the Path" radio show and on that episode we talked a lot about evangelism. In this episode, I share my struggle with this more in depth and how God has done a lot of work on my heart to move me from being a disobedient coward to an imperfect person who tries to take advantage of every opportunity I can for the sake of the gospel.

Check out this seven minute clip (below) where I talk about my own struggle with being ashamed of the gospel and how the truth of God's Word has helped lead me and convict me to live Romans 1:16 more honestly, more often. If you've ever felt afraid to share the gospel, or tell others about Jesus, it's my prayer that this video is helpful to you.

You can also watch the entire radio show episode here