How a Creative Design Company is Changing the Way We Fund Missionaries and Advance the Gospel

If you're keeping up with social trends at all you know that traditional ministry jobs are becoming more and more complicated and challenging. In light of this, many ministry leaders are getting part-time jobs to supplement their income or simply working full-time in the "real world" to make ends meet while trying to do ministry at the same time. Needless to say, these are challenging times for people called to serve in ministry. 

So what options are there for people who aren't working in traditional ministry jobs yet they want to serve the Lord and provide for their family at the same time?

A little over two months ago I was approached by a team member from Goby Creative and was invited to join their team as a web designer. As I listened to the vision of the company, I realized I was being invited to be a part of something truly unique and special. Goby Creative is a full-service design agency that is run by church planters and exists to employ Christian missionaries through offering services like website design, graphic design, company branding, social media consulting, and more. In addition, they give profits to help fund more church planting efforts.


However, Goby is more than just a creative design company. Goby is exclusively hiring Christians who are passionate about living missional lives and doing ministry. As Goby hires more Christians who are passionate about doing ministry, they're able to financially empower more missionaries to serve in a given context without the added pressure of knowing where the next paycheck is coming from. For example, Utah is only 2% Evangelical Christian (page 14). If we're ever going to see Utah reached by the power of the gospel we're going to need thousands of Christians living here for a long time. If Christians want to devote themselves to ministry efforts like church planting, they need to be able to provide for their families at the same time. Companies like Goby have created a business model that offers the financial stability necessary while also providing a flexible work schedule that fits around a typical church planting rhythm of life. 

Goby is more than a design company because they give away large portions of their profits to not only pay their team members (who serve in ministry) but also to fund church planting efforts! Overall, Goby represents a successful, proven, and reproducible business model that will changes the way Christian leaders are able to serve God, advance the gospel, and provide for their families in any context in the world. 


By employing Christian missionaries in this way, more men and women will be able to say "yes" to God's call to bi-vocational or co-vocational ministry while not sacrificing their family's well-being on the altar of ministry service. This is so important for the missionary work happening in Utah, not to mention everywhere else around the world. In addition, Goby has a huge vision to see this company eventually expand around the globe. In fact, in only a few short months, Goby has already launched a team of guys who are living and working in Arkansas. Lord willing, there will be a day when missionaries are working around the world for Goby, making a livable wage (or supplementing their funding), and doing the ministry God has called them to. 

Think about the implications: more fully funded missionaries means more healthy missionary families. More healthy missionary families means more time and energy to put toward reaching the unreached and pursuing gospel saturation. More gospel saturation means a greater likelihood that cities, states, and countries are transformed by the power of the gospel.  More transformation of the nations is at the center of God's heart and brings Him much glory. 

These are just a few of the reasons I believe Goby is one company doing incredible Kingdom-minded work that is leading the way at creating successful and reproducible business models for mobilizing the Church to be the Church wherever they're called to serve to the glory of God.


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