Every Disciple Engaged and On Mission

You may have heard the phrase "missional" and wonder what that means or how to actually "be missional". While it has multiple definitions, I like to simply define it as this: being engaged in the mission of God as a missionary right where God has already place you". 

After Jesus rose from the dead, He gave his disciples a very important command that we call the Great Commission. Interestingly, this commission is mentioned in all four gospel accounts (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:44-49, John 20:21) and is referenced in Acts 1:8 as well. 

Contrary to popular practice in many American churches, this command from Jesus is not optional for those that claim to be followers of Jesus. It's expected that every disciple of Jesus be engaged in His mission to go, proclaim the gospel, make disciples, baptize new believers, and teach them all that Jesus commanded. Every disciple is expected to be a disciple maker. 

One of the push backs to this is "I'm too busy" to do all this stuff. How do I fit this all in?

Here's the deal: being missional isn't about attending more church activities or programs; it's about bringing gospel-driven intentionality into the everyday rhythms of your life in things you're already doing.

For example, if you’re having a Memorial Day BBQ, instead of inviting exclusively Christian friends, invite a few neighbors, or co-workers, or other unbelievers to join you. Be normal, enjoy great food, and enjoy getting to know them and their story.

When you go out to eat next time, instead of just enjoying the food and not even talking to the server, ask how you can pray for them and then pray for them right there on the spot. Leave a good tip and maybe invite them to your church on Sunday. Leave a gospel tract. Leave a personal note thanking them for their service and tell them you'll be praying for them this week.

Remember, God didn’t save you to sideline you; He saved you to conform you to His Son’s image and use you in His redemptive plan to redeem your city by the power of the gospel. The question is not if God wants to use you, but where and how and what are you doing to align your life's purpose with His.

Above all: pray. Ask God how He would like you to engage your unbelieving friends, co-workers, neighbors, or family for the purpose of demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel. Follow His lead, get creative, grab someone, and do something!

Imagine what it would look like if every Christian lived every day engaged and on mission. Imagine what your city would look like if every Christian purposed to live on mission to do God's will God's way. Imagine how much glory the Father would receive as we humbly get on board with His plans and broken people are used for His redemptive purposes. How amazing these things would be! 

It is my prayer that we would love Jesus and His mission more than anything this temporary home on earth could ever offer.


1) What missional opportunities do you have this week?

2) How can you leverage your normal everyday rhythms for the Kingdom?

3) Who is God putting in your path that doesn’t know Jesus? How can you build bridges into that person’s life in order to demonstrate and proclaim the gospel?