We Need 100: Year Two

Some of you may remember our Valentine's campaign last year, to collect 100 Jesus Storybook Bibles in order to simply share the love of God.

Well, Valentine's Day is fast approaching once again and Nicole and I are once again praying that we can gather 100 Jesus Storybook Bibles to hand out and share with those we encounter in our life and ministry with Redeeming Life Church.

We have found these bibles to be such incredible resources to have at our disposal, and because of the generosity of many of you we were able to collect close to 80 bibles last year!

Thank you so much to those that contributed. 

Because of you, there are 80 more copies of God's Word in the Salt Lake City valley, and we are praying that they are being read and that God's love is being proclaimed to those reading the words on the pages!

Over the last year, we have been able to hand out almost all of them and are now needing to replenish our supply so that we can continue to hand them out freely to those that visit our church or anyone else we meet that does not yet know Jesus. 

Would you once again partner with us in order to equip families with the Truth of God's Word as a Kingdom-focused act of love this Valentine's Day? 

You can buy the Jesus Storybook Bible on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and simply have them shipped to the church address below:

Redeeming Life Church c/o Brett Ricley
901 Nocturne Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Please feel free to share this post on your Facebook wall as well as others may be interested in helping get the Word of God into families' hands. Thank you for partnering with us in this way to see Salt Lake City redeemed by the power of the gospel.

Sincerely and for the Kingdom,
Brett & Nicole