Help Establish a New Church in Utah!


Partnership takes many forms. Prayer, finances, physical support, etc. We want you to know you can make a difference in the lives of people in Utah by helping us establish this new church! Here's how individuals and churches can help us:

We are working hard to share the gospel and make disciples.  We want to gather these disciples into a church and all of this takes resources.  We need supplies for our church services.  We want to give out printed materials and Bibles.  And we spend a lot of time across the table with people in our homes, coffee shops, and restaurants.

First and foremost, we need prayer.  We need lots of prayer because the truth is there is no way we could do this without God's hand in it all.  Please pray for us, boldly and often.  And please pray for the people of Salt Lake and, more specifically, the people in the Rose Park area we will be trying to reach. You can join our personal prayer team here.

Next, we have some bills to pay and could certainly use some financial help.  Many among our little baby congregation are faithfully giving but we need some help getting started because we're still small.  We don't want to be on "welfare" for long, but we could use a boost to get us going.  If you'd like to help us financially, you can find info on how to help here.

If you like to support missionaries, please consider supporting us! We are serving with Redeeming Life Church as self-supported missionaries trying to push back lostness in a place where less than 3% of the population is Christian. Nicole and I are both serving behind the scenes in multiple capacities as well as leading a weekly house fellowship together with another couple in our home. You can find donation information here.

Another way you can help us is by sending us copies of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  We give this book to children and their parents because it is fantastic gospel message that shows how all of the Bible points to Jesus.  We'd like to give these out like candy because we believe The Jesus Storybook Bible will have an impact with families who don't yet know Jesus.

Finally, we meet with lots of people and could also use gift cards to places like Starbucks, Subway, Wal-Mart (for supplies and groceries for hosting in our homes), Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, Denny's, Beans & Brews, Jimmy Johns, Apollo Burger, and other similar places that have a place for us to sit and use for meeting places.  In a way, these gift cards not only help us show hospitality to those we meet with, it helps pay the rent for the "office space" where we hope to share Jesus.

You can send your support to:

Redeeming Life Church c/o Brett Ricley
901 Nocturne Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement! 

For His Kingdom!