WANTED: Children's Ministry Missionary/Intern

Imagine how many moving parts are involved in establishing a new church community of believers.  Among these many important pieces is a ministry to children and their family.

We believe that effectively ministering to children and equipping the next generation is one of our most important responsibilities as a church. We further believe that as children grow in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus, they will be excited to be a part of the life of the church.  In turn, whole families will be more engaged in their walk with Jesus and grow in their commitment to the family of believers. Most parents, even non-believing parents, will continue bringing their children to a place where they are happy, growing, and enjoying learning. We want to see entire families excited to learn about Jesus.

What better way to serve families than to offer excellent children’s ministry opportunities that are centered on God’s Word and point to Jesus.  And in Utah, there's almost as many kids as there are adults.

We are in desperate need of a like-minded individual or couple that is passionate about training and equipping the next generation of Christ followers.  Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to hire a staff minister to fill this position. Therefore, we are looking for someone to serve in this capacity either as an intern, volunteer, or bi-vocational missionary to Salt Lake City, serving alongside Redeeming Life Church’s staff.  Will you pray that God may bring us such a person (or the funds to pay someone's salary)? 

While we presently can't pay this minister, we will offer many opportunities to learn and grow including: being apart of the regular staff meetings, hands on experience planting a church in an unreached city, and the potential of discipleship for ordination if desired.

We are praying fervently that God will bring us the person or people who see value in partnering with Redeeming Life Church in its mission. We seek to make disciples in our children’s ministry effort and hope that this ministry reaches adults for the Gospel. 

If you're interested in learning more (or you'd like to bankroll our children's minister) please contact us.