Evangelism: Training and Equipping with 5,000 Door Hangers

At Redeeming Life Church, we believe that we must be a church that engages in evangelism in many ways, big and small, in order to be faithful and obedient to our calling to love God, love people, make disciples, and multiply churches.

For the last two weeks, we've been praying fervently for the Rose Park community as we stepped out and engaged the community be distributing 5,000 door hangers to 5,000 homes! Each door hanger has an invite to our Easter Sunrise Service (on the front) and the gospel message (on the back) along with an invite to join us for our Sunday services beginning May 3 in the local community center.

One of my many responsibilities, which I love by the way, is doing a lot of our church's graphic design. As satisfying as it is to design door hangers, it was way more satisfying to see something I created used to get the gospel into the hands of people in 5,000 homes! Even if each of the 5,000 homes only has two people living there, that's at least 10,000 people that have been invited to our church and had a chance to read the gospel message!

This is one of many ways we are seeking to be a church that is serious about evangelism. Honestly, part of being serious about evangelism also entails training and equipping people for the task of doing evangelism in every aspect of their lives (neighborhood, work, school, the gym, etc). 

When we first started hanging door hangers, many of our people and volunteers were a little nervous and didn't know what to expect from people they met along the way. By God's grace, we met people over the last two weeks that weren't just tolerant of our invitations but most were actually excited to join us! It was beautiful to see our people more and more comfortable with engaging the neighborhood and striking up conversations about our church coming to the area.

There were many interesting and encouraging stories but I want to share one that was especially impactful to me personally:

One particular evening, I met an older gentlemen who had just moved to the Rose Park area. After a few minutes of dialogue I learned that he has had grew up in the Mormon church and had some bad experiences and has since left that religion. The more we talked, the more excited he was to join us for our Easter Sunrise Service! I offered to pray for him and after concluding my prayer, I saw that he had been moved to tears and he explained that he had never had anyone pray for him like that in his entire life! Please pray for this gentleman to come to a saving faith in Jesus at our Sunrise Service!

Needless to say, we are continually blown away by what God is doing in Rose Park and we're praying like crazy to see the Kingdom of God established in the darkest parts of Rose Park. 

If you'd like to pray, participate, or partner with us in planting the gospel and establishing this new church, you can learn more here.