From Here to There: Only God.

In light of our upcoming launch of our Sunday services, I thought I would reflect and look back upon what God has been doing in the last seven months in the life of our church. 

I came on staff with Redeeming Life Church in January after being a part of the church plant since September of 2014. In the four months since coming on staff, God has been doing so many wonderful things and it's amazing to be where we are today because of His perfect will and timing. 

In January we were meeting in Risen Life''s fellowship hall and having Sunday night services at 4pm. This was exciting as we began putting the pieces together and were actually becoming our own community. In those first few months we baptized a few people and saw one man give his life to the Lord! Those are truly priceless memories of God doing amazing things!

On March 29, 2015, our sending church, Risen Life Church officially laid hands on us, prayed for us, and commissioned us to "go and make disciples" in the Rose Park community. That same day, our lead pastor, Bryan Catherman, was also installed as Redeeming Life Church's first elder. While this was an incredible day for many reasons, it also carried with some mixed emotions. We are so thankful for this sending church and their sincere support, encouragement, and partnership has been, and always will be, an incredible encouragement to us. 

In April we amped up our evangelism efforts and ended up distributing 5,000 door hangers in the Rose Park community with an invite to our Easter Sunrise Service. Besides being a beautiful morning that Easter, KSL News showed up to film our service (which aired on the 5pm and 10pm news that night!) and around 60 people were in 7:30am!

Only God.

That following weekend in April we began gathering on Sunday mornings in the Northwest Community Center in Rose Park. This will be the gathering space for our church and the rent for this space is unbelievably affordable - literally one forth what the average church plant pays in rent each month. Not to mention all the really cool details leading up to us being able to gather in this space.

Only God. 

Our core team has been galvanizing since September and I daily find myself thanking God for this incredible group of people who are sold out for Jesus and serving faithfully to see the gospel planted and disciples made for the glory of God. 

Only God.

Although we have been holding Sunday services since September of 2014, we are officially opening our doors to the wider community of Rose Park on May 3rd. This will be our official launch Sunday and one that many of us are excited for. Already we've seen multiple guests and many new families join us for Sunday morning worship and we're seeing very positive response to our church being in the community. 

Only God.

Overall, I couldn't be more excited and humbled to a part of what God is doing to bring glory to Himself through a little church in Rose Park. If you live in the area we would love to have you join us! Sunday, May 3 at 11am at Northwest Community Center (1300 West 300 North).

Please pray with us and for us. Please consider joining our prayer team. Pray that God's glory would be seen, demonstrated and proclaimed, and as a result, many would come to know the goodness of a Father who sent his only Son to be the Savior of the world.

If you'd like to partner with us in planting the gospel and establishing this new church in this unreached place, you can learn more here.