Redeeming Life Church Officially Launches

While we've been technically meeting as a church since September of 2014, today was the first official Sunday where we extended an invitation to the broader Salt Lake community. 

Our core team began this morning by meeting at pastor Bryan's house to have breakfast, pray together, and officially sign our names to the founding church membership documents. While this is just a piece of paper, our signatures represent the first group of people at Redeeming Life Church that have officially covenanted together to live in unity with Scripture and with each other for the sake of the gospel. (I personally dream about the future and pray, as God is willing, that even after we all are dead or gone, that Redeeming Life Church will continue to a beacon of hope in the Salt Lake community!)

Afterwards we loaded all the vehicles up, drove to the community center and began setting up for our Sunday service that begins each Sunday at 11am. We have an amazing core team and the work always seems to get done quickly. 

After our prayer time together at 10am, there was an air of excitement and anticipation as people started to trickle in and I was continually thanking God as new people continued to filter in and find their seats.

We enjoyed a wonderful time of worshipping our God together through song, offering, communion, the preaching of the Word, and fellowship. Many friends and family members of our core team joined us this morning in support of our efforts to establish this new church and we also were blessed to have many guests join us this morning as well!

Overall, we had about 80 people packed into our rented space and it was surreal and amazing to participate in this service, which was the culmination of a lot of hard work over the last year! It is our prayer that everything we are doing and everything we will do will continually be done for the glory of God in the Rose Park community and beyond.

For all of you following us and our journey with Redeeming Life Church, thank you! Thank you for your prayers, support, encouragement and financial giving. Without many of you, our family wouldn't be here today. If you'd like to be connected more, we have a prayer team and we send out monthly newsletters that you can sign for here.

For His Kingdom,